Interface IEnvelopedData


  • IEnvelopedData

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encryptedContentInfo: EncryptedContentInfo

Encrypted content information

originatorInfo?: OriginatorInfo

Optionally provides information about the originator. It is present only if required by the key management algorithm. It may contain certificates and CRLs.

recipientInfos: RecipientInfo[]

Collection of per-recipient information. There MUST be at least one element in the collection.

unprotectedAttrs?: Attribute[]

Collection of attributes that are not encrypted

version: number

Version number.

The appropriate value depends on originatorInfo, RecipientInfo, and unprotectedAttrs.

The version MUST be assigned as follows:

IF (originatorInfo is present) AND
((any certificates with a type of other are present) OR
(any crls with a type of other are present))
THEN version is 4
IF ((originatorInfo is present) AND
(any version 2 attribute certificates are present)) OR
(any RecipientInfo structures include pwri) OR
(any RecipientInfo structures include ori)
THEN version is 3
IF (originatorInfo is absent) AND
(unprotectedAttrs is absent) AND
(all RecipientInfo structures are version 0)
THEN version is 0
ELSE version is 2

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