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Interface: ITSTInfo

Implemented by



Optional accuracy: Accuracy

Represents the time deviation around the UTC time contained in GeneralizedTime


Optional extensions: Extension[]

Additional information in the future. Extensions is defined in RFC2459


genTime: Date

Time at which the time-stamp token has been created by the TSA


messageImprint: MessageImprint

The messageImprint MUST have the same value as the similar field in TimeStampReq, provided that the size of the hash value matches the expected size of the hash algorithm identified in hashAlgorithm.


Optional nonce: Integer

Field MUST be present if it was present in the TimeStampReq. In such a case it MUST equal the value provided in the TimeStampReq structure.


Optional ordering: boolean

If the ordering field is missing, or if the ordering field is present and set to false, then the genTime field only indicates the time at which the time-stamp token has been created by the TSA.In such a case, the ordering of time-stamp tokens issued by the same TSA or different TSAs is only possible when the difference between the genTime of the first time-stamp token and the genTime of the second time-stamp token is greater than the sum of the accuracies of the genTime for each time-stamp token.

If the ordering field is present and set to true, every time-stamp token from the same TSA can always be ordered based on the genTime field, regardless of the genTime accuracy.


policy: string

TSA's policy under which the response was produced.

If a similar field was present in the TimeStampReq, then it MUST have the same value, otherwise an error (unacceptedPolicy) MUST be returned


serialNumber: Integer

Integer assigned by the TSA to each TimeStampToken.

It MUST be unique for each TimeStampToken issued by a given TSA.


Optional tsa: GeneralName

tsa field is to give a hint in identifying the name of the TSA. If present, it MUST correspond to one of the subject names included in the certificate that is to be used to verify the token.


version: number

Version of the time-stamp token.

Conforming time-stamping servers MUST be able to provide version 1 time-stamp tokens.